DREAMS - A wish fulfillment

by : Dr. Deepinder Singh  MD (Homeopathy)

Let us move into the fascinating world of dreams. It is the most beautiful place to be in. Flowers all over and company of only beloved ones, on rival, no hatred, this is our dreamland. Fantasies and dreams are important aspect of an individual. Furthermore, they are definitely meaningful, even though meaning is often hidden or disguised.

The dream is wish fulfillment of an unconscious childhood wish that is not readily accessible to conscious awareness in the waking life.

Mind has three states, conscious mind, un-conscious mind and sub-conscious mind. The un-conscious mind and sub-conscious mind are very big, vast and un-ending as the sky. They contain innumerable desires, wishes and experiences etc. When we are doing something or reacting in a particular situation, the directions are coming directly from un-conscious mind and sub-conscious mind. Our personality and behavior are formed and designed by our guidance and past experiences. This information gets stored in the un-conscious mind and sub-conscious mind and it plays the same role as played by the drivers for different devices in the computer. A computer device functions in accordance with the device driver loaded for it. Similarly, the directions stored in our un-conscious and sub-conscious mind guide our cognitive behavior. These stored directions are the result of our previous guidance, experience and feelings. So the data stored in our un-conscious and sub-conscious mind is very valuable and quiet frequently required for the treatment of number of psycho-somatic disorders and behavior therapy.

Main approach road to un-conscious mind and sub-conscious mind is the dreams. Sigmund Freud, the founder of modern psychoanalysis found that there is intimate connection between dream content and unconscious memories and fantasies that remain long repressed. He declared that the interpretation of the dreams was the royal road to the understanding of unconsciousness.

There are two layers of the contents of the dreams, the manifest contents and latent contents. The dreamers can recall manifest contents and the latent contents cannot be recalled. It is actually the latent content that involves unconscious thoughts and wishes. It could be that material that has been repressed or any childhood wish that remained unfulfilled. The latent content may threaten to awake or disturb the sleep of dreamer. In order to preserve the sleep, there is a censor that acts in the service of ego and cuts the disturbing portions. Repressed wishes and impulses must attach themselves to innocent or natural images to the scrutiny of the dream censor. This is the dream work, an unconscious mental operation that transforms latent dream content to manifest dream. This process involves selection of apparently meaningless images from dreamers’ current experience with latent images that resemble in some respect. Dreams are of various types; for example, in condensation dreams, several unconscious impulses, wishes or feelings are combined and attached to one  manifest dream image.

In displacement dreams, energy associated with one object is diverted to a substitute object, e.g., desire to murder one’s wife is redirected towards a natural or insignificant person in one’s life.

Sometimes repressed emotions may not appear in the dreams at all or they are altered. E.g., anger towards one’s father may take the form of mild annoyance.

Dreams are important form of nocturnal mental activity associated with one or more repressed wishes. Interpretation of dreams remains the most challenging job and correct interpretation opens the doors for wide and vivid world of untouched and un-approached mind




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